Sticky: The Health Map System

Health map is a tool that enables organizations access medical research information. It is a system that makes use of online informal sources to acquire information on disease outbreaks and outcropping public threats. The users of medical information offered by that service are diverse from libraries and local health departments to governments and international travelers. The system indicates the level of risk by grouping them as low, medium, high and extreme cases.

health map

Since 2006, Health maps have come in handy in the advancement of modern day technology in the medical fields. It brings together a collective view of the global state of infectious diseases and their effects on human and animal health. The risk ratings released by that system help in early detection of disease outbreaks. Early detection when treated in the proper way prevents hospitalization and possible evacuations.

This helps the government save on the finances, it would have used to cure the outbreaks. A country’s manpower is safeguarded by the quick prevention tactics. That system helps save a country’s economy and image.

The medical field and its disciplines have enormously benefited from that technology. International travelers are able to know the level of preparation they should take prior to departure and the degree of medical support needed on arrival. It has numerous advantages. First and foremost, it is freely available and one is able to access information on the inaccessible areas in the world. The system delivers real-time intelligence. A diverse audience is covered as it serves nine different languages on the automated system.

According to the Health statistics of the U.S.A 2013, it indicates that alcohol and antibiotic intake in the country is on the rise. Secondly, statistics brief that the US government has a stockpile of costly smallpox, which has been termed unnecessary by experts. Even latest statistic on hair loss cure is available here. Antibiotics are drugs administered to enable the immune system fight against bacterial infections.

Over time the improper intake of the drug has caused antibiotic resistance. Antibiotic resistance comes about when antibiotics drugs are administered to a patient suffering from a virus rather than a bacterial infection. Another cause of resistance occurs when the patient stops taking the antibiotics when the symptoms stop rather than when all the bacteria has been killed.

Genetic mutation or acquiring genes from stronger bacteria has caused antibiotic resistance. Smallpox on the other hand is no longer a threat. Hence, investment in its vaccine development is risky because it is a rare disease, thus it will be rarely used. This deems the move as a loss to the US government, like another problem with constantly grown number of people with high blood pressure disease.

That system is convenient, fast and automated hence very easy to use by all people, even those that are not enlightened on medical related studies. Simply what the person requiring Health information is required to do is log in into that website. After logging in, one has to type in on the search slot. The Health map system has helped make urgent yet necessary improvements in the health sector.

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