Red Dots On Skin: Major Causes and Treatment

Red dots on skin - Guide

If you discover red spots on skin, you may be quite alarmed that it is a symptom of a serious underlying medical problem. However, the appearance of red dots on the skin is actually very common, and normally nothing to worry about. That said, it is always prudent to seek advice from a medical professional to rule out more worrisome causes, just as a precaution.

Symptoms And Causes

The reasons can be very varied. You will first need to ascertain the nature of the red spots. Press gently on the affected area with your finger, and note whether the redness disappears. If it remains, then the red dots are probably petechiae; bleeding under the skin. If the redness disappears, then it may be a rash or dermatitis.

A rash may need to examine by a doctor, but is frequently caused by factors such as stress or sunburn, and will eventually resolve on its own. If you are prone to dry skin or have been diagnosed with dermatitis, then this can sometimes manifest itself as small red patches. This is also easily treated.

Rashes and petechiae can also result from steroid use, allergic reactions, skin cancer, anti-coagulant medications and bacterial infections. In rare cases, there may a serious underlying cause such as leukemia or an autoimmune system problem – this is unlikely if no other symptoms are present, but should still be checked for.

Causes In Babies

Newborn babies frequently develop red spots on areas such as the face. This is because their skin is delicate, and takes time to adapt to the new environment. It is not a reason for concern, and requires no special treatment.


If the small dots on the skin are a result of a harmless rash or dry skin, then you can take the following steps at home to speed your recovery:

  • Try A Dietary Supplement.

    Red raspberry seed oil supplements are excellent for relieving the irritation and inflammation caused by rashes and dermatitis. It can also help dry skin to heal, and prevent future occurrences.

  • Change Your Skin Care Routine.

    If you are suffering from dry skin, reexamine your skin care and maintenance regimen. The products you are using may be exacerbating the problem.

  • Eat Well.

    Whether your red spots are caused by stress or a skin complaint, eating well, staying hydrated, and exercising will aid your recovery.

If a doctor has examined your symptoms and confirmed that the problem is caused by an allergy, you will be prescribed an allergy treatment. You may also be able to use over the counter antihistamines.

When To See A Doctor

If you think that your skin condition has been triggered by drugs – either prescription or non-prescription – then you should see your doctor straight away. You should also see a doctor if the red dots do not fade with time, or if they are accompanied by other symptoms.

Your doctor will examine your overall health and review your medical history. Give your doctor as much information about your symptoms as you can, even if the detail seems relatively unimportant. For instance, tell your doctor if you have recently suffered an injury or if the condition seems to worsen throughout the day.

Following your medical check, your doctor may be able to provide diagnosis and a treatment straight away. In a small number of cases, tests may need to be run to determine the cause, which could involve a blood work series or a bone marrow biopsy. For additional information about red spots on skin, please check

Red small dots on the skin usually have a benign cause, such as dermatitis. However, you should seek immediate medical advice if the problem persists. In few cases you can get that problem if mix alcohol with antibiotics. For additional information about red dots on skin, please check


  1. I truly just wanna go tanning after for an upcoming event. Can there be a risk that I could easily get skin cancer out of this onetime? I think I’m just likely to go set for 10 minutes also.

  2. Small Red Bumps On Skin?
    My sweetheart is obtaining these small red bumps on her chest, thighs, and feet the past few times. They begin as small red spots that do not stand out but are now boosting. It isn’t a heat rash or chicken pox, this much I know. They do not itch or hurt and they do not be seemingly infected, when I have none. They’re reasonably close together, although not holding, and they be seemingly in spots. What might the issue be and how can we treat it?

  3. I’ve little red spots on my belly (clearly a skin allergy) that simply seemed a couple of days previously. I have not used something unique when it comes to soap or body items. This can be caused by what? Every couple of days it generally does not scratch and appears to distribute. I appreciate any help anyone could possibly offer.

    As a side note, I am likely to the physician quickly if it generally does not clean up.

  4. My left-arm began scratching before I realized I was expecting, but that’s been 81/2 years ago, I break out with small bumps underneath the skin, they have a break through only a small red dot that’s a painful scratch that could drive an individual crazy. May somebody provide me an analysis?

  5. I’m 8-9 dpo. Somewhat sensitive breasts (no breast tenderness). Today I observed small red spots on my left chest. They seem like facts of blood. They’re underneath the skin. Have you any idea if this may be brought on by pregnancy??? Wishing this really is my month!

  6. I keep finding little red flag sized spots on my skin, sparsely spread, mainly on my hands. What does this mean?
    They’re not uneven, they’re only small red spots… Like somebody’s poked me with it and got a blood red biro.

  7. Well im getting really burning and itchy skin which can be causing my face to get really dry and flakey and causing it to create red spots on my face that burn and itch and their dry and what might i use to eliminate this and I’ve really senstive skin

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